Husband moved out

Hello my husband moved out over the weekend while I was at my daughters- when I came home he had taken some of his personal items but also took all the TV’s and even to clock off the wall- crazy away he wants to come back for the washer and dryer and other big items- I told him I did not think he could just come and take whatever he wants- is this true? He said he bought them with HIS money. He said not to mess with him or he will get ugly. I don’t know what to do. Once he moves out can he just come back into the house? I did change the locks.

If he moved out with the intent to live elsewhere then he cannot come back and take whatever he wants.

Also – it sounds like those assets (items in the house) are subject to equitable distribution. If you were married it’s not HIS money or HER money, it’s YOUR (together) money and the assets must be divided in an equitable way.

If you changed the locks, and he has established a new residence, he can be arrested for domestic criminal trespass if he continues to come to your property uninvited. If the items were purchased during the marriage with marital money, then the property is subject to equitable distribution.