Husband wants divorce but want leave

Husband was caught with infidelity, had Privite Investigator investigate his going and coming. Husband left home for three weeks moved in with his lady.I received information back from PI of his living arrangement, and made him aware of I know where he had been living for the past three weeks, he immediately moved back into home. Husband wants divorce but refuse to move out of family home. I know in North Carolina you have to be separated for a year and day. I agree to giving him his divorce, I draw my own separation agreement papers and he refuse to sign, because he want joint custody of our two children. He only want joint custody because he feel that he want have to pay child support. I agreed to him seen children on daily base but he have to have them every other weekend without my assist. He want agree to that. I have drop all other grounds so he can move on, but I will not give him joint custody of my children. What is it I can do, other than moving out on my own. I even asked him if I found a home for me and my children would he sign off, stating this is not a part of our marriage. He said NO.

Not an attorney but he already left and set up residence with his mistress. you could have changed the locks.

I was advised not to change lock, but later was told I could have. I went down to the police office and was told I could not change locks or lock him out because it was our home.

I moved out of the house and got an apartment…he changed the locks…the police told me that was legal since I no longer reside there …what I don’t understand is that MY NAME is the only one on the loan, yet I have no rights to get in? I did go once to get some stuff,but I had an officer with me. He also refuses to pay no more than 1/2 the mortgage.

I’m not certain what your question is. Can you please be more specific so I can assist you?