Husband Where Abouts Unknown Need Advice

I’m a single Mom of 3 been seperated for well over a year 1/2. Father of 2 of my children my “Husband” cheated on me & his location is unknown and has been since July 6th no one has heard from him. I would like to know what to do? The cheapest lawyer I have found is 1,200 I’m barely making it now especially since the car he let me borrow just got repoed from his non-payment. He has not helped at all with his 2 children. No one here at Fort Bragg will help me not even just advice. He is no longer military as his last day was July 5th. So JAG won’t & can’t help either. Anything would be so useful. I’m a crying, stressed out mess right now please help! ~Valerie

The first thing you need to do is file an action for child support. Your ex has a duty to pay you support for the benefit of the children. You may also have a claim for spousal support, and depending on the circumstances of your case reimbursement of attorney’s fees as well.

I would suggest that your first step would be to contact child support enforcement and proceed with getting an order for support. This will ease your financial burden so that you may hire an attorney to move forward on the potential issue of spousal support, attorney’s fees, and Equitable Distribution.