I found Out wife is Cheating She Hired Attorney, I HAVE?

OK, I will try … to make it Brief.
My wife… I would like to call her something else - took a road trip and planned to meet a guy she met on the net and had sex with
him for 2 nights. I found a hidden cell phone with text messages and pics to her lover all the things u dont want to see.
Anyway , we had as you can imagine a giant blow up
She stayed at a hotel for 3 nights.
We have 3 kids.
She then has made plans to go to the city where this guy lives for the next week and leave me with the kids.
I posted stuff on her faacebook,
Her lawyer, that she got this week called me and stated that they want things " STATUS QUO " and that they want me to
return her facebook to normal , and not do anything to her credit cards, ( which are mine, but she is a signer on them )
I own a business , ( she is 50% shareholder ) and she went and closed the bank account down, just totall traashed this week.
I have never in my life felt so ,.,.,.,.,.,.,. unnerved

Anyway , can I dispose of the car she is currently driving and get a different, cheaper car , if it is in MY NAME , if no AGREEMENT has been made, set , sent , as I want
to not have payments on this and it is an expensive car to own.
Can I cancel any cards that are in MY NAME AND HER NAME IF I CHOOSE TO AT THIS MOMENT , if it is in MY NAME , if no AGREEMENT has been made, set , sent , as I want not to have bills run up.
She is now out of her cotton pickin mind and just money hungry and this guy has her dreaming like a 16yr old.
I am please needing some help.

The car is martial property, and if sold, any proceeds will be accounted for in the final distribution of property.
You can and should close any credit accounts in your name upon which she can make charges.