I need a good attorney


Get a lawyer to sue another lawyer… good luck with that. Best thing you could do would be to make a simple post here something like…
“Hi my lawyer was XYZ and in my opion they did not do a good job”.
even then they may threaten to sue you…



I think you can report them to the bar and yes I believe that you can go back and change what has been done to you if you did not agree. I had a similar situation happen to me because my attorney put all kinds of things into an agreement and sent it to the judge without ever letting me see it. You can also have an attorney not represent you and sue them for abandonment. Hope that helps…


Lets face it the divorce system is set up to benifit one group of people Lawyers and to screw one other group of people Men. Like any system there are always exceptions but as a rule its true. Anyone who says otherwise is trying to sell you something or feels guilty over what they did to an ex.



Another one with my attorney LOL , Face it we get screwed the kids get screwed , everyone but the attorneys get screwed , I say it again, Write your attorneys and ask for a written reply with a resonable notice for your questions and your posistion once your posistion is made then geuss what thats what you will probley get … write again and again when they change your posistion you have evidence the State bar is helpful to an extent but, like anything else they all CYA… Write the state bar facts and only fact send the the documents and letters Then small claims court for at least your fees if your lucky that day you might win …

Disbelief in the system


If you feel like you attorney didn’t represent you in a way that was in your best interest, can you sue that attorney?