I'm just a kid


I am so sorry to here that you one had to see what they did not right they are wrong. My daughter seen some bads things that her mom did and she does not like it. But what to do one speak to the school about this and your mom maybe this will help your mom. I am no lawyer but if my daughter said this to me I would try very hard to get the faimly back not with him but with you because she loves you just like I love my children and I will do anything fo them me and my daughter talk all the time she is now 13 and she does like what her mom has down and my son will be right behind her soon about this.
I am sorry for you and let god into your life and be with your mom as much as you can and tell her how much you love her and dont let hate into your lifes it is very hard not to but try the 3 of us have and we all love each other very much and in time it will only get better.
There is some songs that I listen to to give me hope and one is the song name HOPE form SHAGGY get song if you can listen to it.
I feel for you and I hope this is over soon you will do great and you will see in time.
Bye for now and love into your life with your family


hey sweetheart…oh how I hurt for you and your problem. Do what feels right to you. If you want to tell her…realize that it will hurt her, but so is having a sister/friend who would do that to her. Maybe you should tell your aunt to tell her within a week or you will. Above all remember that you are a child. I know that you have seen some things that make you feel uncomfortable but the adults in your life never should have put you there. Do what you need to to make you feel okay…you are not the one that hurt your mom…they are. I will pray for you and please email me if you want to talk…[:)]


Dear up2here:

Greetings. First, I am sorry to hear that you were burdened with this information and I would tell you to speak with a school counselor on who you should speak with or not. Next, no, if your parents divorce and litigation is over, it is not likely that your information will help your mother get anything more than she did get from the financial settlement.

The good news is that your mother apparently did get you, and that is worth more than any house any day! Good luck.

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when I was 8 I seen my daddy getting out of bed with my aunt, he told me if I told anyone he would take me away from my mom I love my mommie very much and was afraid to tell her I forgot and they broke up.
Now I am 14 and the other night my mom was crying(she cries alot) she told my auntie she needed a coat but because my dad said she cheated he took all the money from her my mommie is poor, my dad got all the houses because my mom didn’t have money for a lawyer and daddy lied to a juge
My auntie brought her a new coat today, it was her I seen in bed with my dad, she is my mommie’s sister.
I told my aunt today I remembered what she did and I did not love her anymore and I told her that I was going to tell mommie so she will know what her and daddy did, my auntie told me if I told mommie I would make her sadder and she would cry more. I don’t want to keep this secret anymore can I tell my mom and my mom get her houses and money back so she can buy her on coat.
Good nite