Inaccurate rebuttal


My soon to be ex has filed a rebuttal in regard to my divorce complaint. His rebuttal twists the main facts of my case to fit his needs. He was worked the facts into a time line that make things look better for him but I have emails back and forth between us that disprove his rebuttal timeline…
He is constantly doing things like this in court related documents…another example…his origional paperwork stated that we separated in May…We were on vacation together in July!! So now hes changed that statement in the rebuttal…
My question to you is this…in a divorce case does the judge look at this sort of behavior and if so what relevance does it have on the case?


If there is a questions as to the material facts surrounding the date of marriage and date of separation the court will hear evidence to determine which version of the competing allegations are true. Emails would be admissible as evidence.