Income Tax Refund/DVPO


Last week, I received a letter from the Child Support Agency. It stated that I owed “past due” child support so my name was going to be submitted to the State to have my state income tax refund withheld. I don’t owe any “past due” child support. I am paying back child support but I have not missed a single payment. Does the State consider back child support “past due?” Is this something I should be worried about? I honestly don’t think I will ever receive a refund anyway!

My ex-wife took a DVPO out against me. She falsely claimed I threatened to kill her. The DVPO should be expired here in January. It’s been one year. Can she get it renewed or is it just dropped? Will there be a hearing or anything?

Thank you!


If you are behind on your child support obligation your state income tax refund can be withheld.

As for the DVPO, she can renew the Order without a hearing.