Incorporated Divorces

Facts: Divorce was incorporated 10 yrs ago. Signed Quick Deed to ex. The financial loan still in my name. Ex failed to make payment and thus causing credits scores to effect me and not her. Went to court and opposing attorney said an incorpaorted divorce the courts could not change and the only way was to basically watch for the next twenty yrs to see if she pays on time and then file contempt charges and thus have the court order modifications.
Q. Incorporated divorces: what are the ways to change the divorces. Always having to come to court in contempt is expensive and a poor use of the system. Also I am a friend of the courts and I have to wait for a visiting judge which could take 6 months in our county.
I am so upset at how my divorce was done and the financial burden of still having the loan in my name wasa big mistake. Of course after thoughts are not good. It just never ends. Thanks for any guidance. Respectfully vbskii