Infidelity and income

My spouse has had an affair with a woman for 3 years, which he has admitted. We live in NC, but he works in a different country and spends most of his time there.

He has agreed that he would give up all our assets and give me spousal support. We are ready to put this into writing and get it notarized.

I have a stable job, but he has agreed to give me a fair amount of money every month while staying on this marriage. Is this possible if he agrees and we get it notarized? What’s my next step?

Thank you.

Everything needs to be in writing and notarized; you can look at our sample separation agreement to get an idea of what terms you may want to include.

Once you have signed the separation agreement you will be bound by the terms of the agreement. In terms of next steps, are you speaking about obtaining the absolute divorce? Either party can move for absolute divorce after a one year separation period.