Inheritance and back support owed


If a parent is behind in child support but recieves an inheritance, can this money be seen as income. Parent who owes the back support says he is free to use his inheritance as he wishes and desires to pay off his home and debts. But he owes back support.Shouldn’t that be paid first? How does a judge look at inheritance at a contempt hearing.

Also, in a contempt hearing for failure to pay support as ordered by the court, will the judge either rule that the support can be paid in enterity or that the support cannot be paid in enterity. Or can they order that only a fraction needs to be paid. If so, I thought they could not change the order.


If the parent has funds available to pay support the court should find that party in contempt as he will not be able to claim he is unable to comply with the support order. How the support is ordered to be paid is up to the judge’s discretion.