In North Carolina is it legal to put a lien on an inheritance.? Non custodial parent’s father died several months ago and there is a large estate but he is also one of several children of the deceased. I actually do not know how much money he received or will receive or if he received any property.

If he received money or property can a lien be put on it to pay for back child support.

If not, will he have to report it at the next hearing to modify support? How can we be sure he is honest in the amount of money he recieves or if he put it into his new spouse’s name?


An inheritance is not income, and it will not be relevant moving forward in a support modification.
As for the back child support, a judge may consider an inheritance in a finding of whether or not your ex has willfully failed to pay his child support obligation, but a lien will not be placed on those funds.