Innocent spouse relief

I am legally separated and can file for divorce next month, spouse and I owe back federal income taxes and he has agreed to pay them, I need to make sure this is in divorce when filing, it will uncontested. He is self-employed and shows bare minimum income in business accounts and i work, several years ago the irs garnished my wages and i didnt know until i got my paycheck. please advise

divorce will be uncontested, no children between us, all property and assests divided already

It sounds like you need a pretty simple separation agreement that just basically says (1) that the parties have agreed to a division of assets and settled the issues pertaining to equitable distribution and (2) as a part of that division of assets, husband has agreed to be solely responsible for the federal tax liability. If you use Rosen Online for assistance with the agreement we can provide you with forms and answers to your questions so the agreement is done accurately and is enforceable.