Insurance fraud?

I recently received a notice from my old (ended August 31,2009) insurance company that the old insurance card had been used when my ex wife recently went to the dentist. My ex and I were still together when the insurance ended, she has no way of not knowing it was cancelled as we have had a couple of conversations about it. I want to know if that is considered fraud or is it considered anything at all that she went to the dentist and had four (4) cavities filled for herself and turned it in on my old insurance? When I confronted her about it, she said she had since paid it in full, so obviously she used the card until she came up with the money to pay for it herself.

Also, I have a question about lying on court documents. I recently got a copy of everything in my case file and as I read over it I noticed that my ex lied about a couple things on the paperwork she submitted for her full custody suit. What can I do about that? She lied about our separation date (said it was several months before it actually was) and then lied about how long she and my son have been living with her parents. I’m sure she is doing this to try and say that he has been staying with her longer. I’m just not sure what to do…


With respect to the insurance, you need to speak with a representative from the company to determine what steps need to be taken to prevent this from happening in the future.

As for the custody complaint, you should have filed an answer denying the allegations in her complaint that are false, and include a counterclaim with the information you assert as the truth. When the court hears the case the judge will make a determination of the correct facts based on the evidence presented at trial.