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I currently live in Virginia and my two children live in North Carolina with their mother. They are both covered by Medicaid and have primary providers in their home town. The children are in my care, some times in North Carolina and some times in Virginia, the ex-wife refuses to let me have the Medicaid Cards or a copy of the cards in cases where I would be taking the children to appointments or in emergency situations. Stating she gave me the numbers and that is good enough.

Question are the Medicaid cards attached only to the children or do they have information of the person that applied for Medicaid?

My girlfriend is a city employee in Norfolk, VA and she is a case manager for disabled and I.D. persons and she indicated when she take them to appointments that the providers want the original Medicaid card and at the very least a copy of it no matter if she has their Medicaid number or not.


This is a question best answered by the medicaid office.