Interim equitable distribution

My car is in my husbands name ( he gave it as a gift) in the court order says that I need to refinance the car. No problem there but the bank said they can not help with anything until my husband calls the bank. He is refusing to call and help. I have no clue what he still owes or what he would even want to let me buyout the loan. Now he was talking to the magistrate trying to put a warrant for my arrest saying I violated the order. Then to add on, I have sole ownership of the house. He has broken in 2 times since the court order was made yet the sheriffs or magistrate will do anything about that.

Can he really put a warrant out for him not helping or cooperating with the car

You should file a motion for contempt (or something similar) against him for not assisting with you for refinancing the car.

Can he really sign a warrant for my arrest?

In NC, we have a system of people’s court where individuals can take out charges against another person without a police officer involved. If he can find a crime he can claim you have committed, then yes, he can have charges taken out against you. It sounds that this is more of a civil suit than a criminal claim though.