Interloculatory legal fees

Over the last few months, I have read every word on your website including the G.S. of N.C. Your firm does a great service. I would love to have you represent me, but I am broke. In the last few years, I was hit with a severe accident and illness, and despite my own retired military medical benefits, I am dangerously poor. I own my small house, but cannot get it refinanced for cash due to a 400 credit score.

My husband of 38 years is an attorney and had been in N.C. for a couple of years on his family’s trust business, when he was informed that I had become sicker and poorer due to new medications now costing almost 1.2 million a year. I’d had to retire from my medical practice. Our funds have been separate for years. Our only child, our daughter, graduated Michigan Law and two years ago came through Georgia to situate me before telling “dad” to come home or pay for help because she and hubby were headed for positions at The Hague. Days later she missed the Barr Exam due to throwing multiple infected blood clots to various organs and developing necrotizing, fulminating internal gangrene treated my a month in the ICU and surgeries to “clean-up”.

Last fall, she and her husband started bankruptcy due to me, so we petitioned in GA for temporary support. My husband effectively thumbs his nose at our GA judge by sending his lawyer to outline his most recent avoidance of service. Angered, he started an Absolute Divorce this Feb while I was receiving multiple transfusions to stay alive. Of course it went thru, while I had a still pending action here.

The judge here is “angry” at my husband and suggests we take the show to N.C. where service is more 21st Century. Can my husband be made to pay your $250 initial fee as well as other fees? HE HAS THE MONEY but hates the notion that anyone is the boss of him. He has other troubles. A radio program you did mentions lying on the Absolute Divorce motion. You were asked what that meant. You said “oh, about 10-20 years in prison”. And him an officer of the court to boot.

You may very well be entitled to an award of attorney’s fees, however suit will first have to be filed and a motion for fees heard by the judge, in other words attorney’s fees are ordered to be reimbursed and cannot be awarded before the judge hears the motion.