Irreconcilable differences


My husband and I have been married for twenty five years and together almost thirty…twenty eight to be exact. I’m ready to dissolve our marriage. Actually I have been wanting to dissolve this marriage for quite some time but kept filling it with other things to make me content and not think about it. When we celebrated our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary I thought to myself, I can’t do this any more. I’m not happy, haven’t been in quite a long time, and I’m tired of the stress of “trying” to “make” it work. The pressures of me being unemployed doesn’t help.

There is one child involved that is seven years old. We became foster parents in 2005 when she was two days old and adopted her in 2007 before she turned two years old. This is one of the reason I have stayed these past either years in our marriage. I need to know my rights and where to start. I love my husband but I’m not IN LOVE with him. Before it gets to the point of affairs… on either part…I want to end it. I know I have a lost to loose but I’m really concerned about my rights and custody of our child. My husband doesn’t want the separation/divorce and says I deserves nothing after twenty five years of marriage. I know he is just bitter and acting out of disappointment and anger because he is a good man. I’m a very good mother, give back to our community, attends church, very spiritual, and a girl scout leader. My husband is a good man that works hard, cares for his family, and attend church. We have tried counseling twice to no avail because I don’t want to be married any longer and that’s the bottom line.

I will appreciate any help you can give me. I live in the state of North Carolina.

Without a specific question, it is difficult for me to help you. Your post makes me believe that you would benefit from an initial consultation where you could discuss all aspects of separation after a 28 year marriage including alimony, equitable distribution, child support, and child custody. If you do not live in an area where we practice, you would benefit most from meeting with an attorney in your county who can explain the process as it will vary slightly depending upon where you live.

Thank you and yes I live near the Ballantyne area.

We look forward to you contacting us and scheduling a consultation.