Irresponsible father


My former son in law and his wife recently took my grandchildren and his step children on a skiing trip to WV. The problem is they went during the terrible snow storm that hit the weekend before Christmas. The trip should have taken 6.5 hrs. driving time, but it took them 16 plus hours over a two day period. My daughter asked several times for him to reconsider the trip due to the weather, but he just ignored her and proceeded with their plans. They had no choice but to stop on the first night when the interstate was closed due to trecherous road conditions. Luckily they found a hotel room, after at least 8 hours of driving, but instead of staying put until the storm subsided and the roads were cleared, he and his wife got right back on the road the next morning and continued to WV. This leg of the trip should have only taken 3 hours but took another 7 to 8 hours. We were worried sick about them. Is this child endangerment, child abuse, or what? What action if any can be taken against them for such reckless disregard for the safety of those children? Will a judge or shall I say, should a judge look hard at this issue as a example of his and his wife’s parenting skills and their judgement? We are still furious that these children, all of them, were put in such a dangerous situation just to go skiing.


While the conditions the children experienced are far from ideal, in my opinion this is not a child endangerment or abuse issue.