Is it possible to evict spouse with free trader agreeement?

My wife and I split three years ago. I’ve lived two places since then. When I purchased my home two years ago she signed a free trader agreement allowing me to obtain real estate in my name. She had lived out of state for a while and I let her move back in. Nothing was in writing and now she won’t leave and continues to leave the state to see her boyfriend. Where do I start? If I can’t evict her, how do I start the divorce process. I wish to not have to see her everyday. Its my house, she won’t leave and if I stay somewhere else I’m afraid she can kick me out.

Any help will be appreciated?

The free trader agreement doesn’t allow you to evict your spouse. We offer a video on our website that addresses this difficult situation where a spouse refuses to leave the house. If she is leaving to visit an out of state boyfriend, your best bed is probably to move forward by obtaining a divorce from bed and board.