Is my W-2 public record

Since W-2’s have your SSN on them I doubt very seriously if they are public record. I would suggesting finding out how this was obtained and you may want to put a notice on your SSN about credit. I know that the credit reporting agencies can do this in case someone other than you tries to use your SSN. No one can get a copy of your W-2.
This would worry me greatly. Is it possible one of the children or the child is old enough to have gotten this information to the father?

The other issue here is that YOUR salary makes no difference to the amount of child support or custody. Your salary can only be brought into the picture if you and your wife have a child together that she would also be finacially responsible for or if you have taken finacial responsibility for the child/children in question. If that is the case, then your income and hers would be combined but the number of children you two are fincially responsible for would also increase. Unless you make an unbelieveable amount of money or the child/children live with you the majority of the time, this information is not likely to have the affect that the father is hoping for. In many cases, combining the income and increasing the # of children makes that spouse’s finacial responsibility towards that child decrease.

In other words, the biological parents are finacially responsible for their child/children. The amount is based on the parents income and each pay a percentage of that amount. If there are more children belonging to either parent then the percentage of finacial responsibility goes down because their income is now divided over more than the original number of children. Most parents bring the new spouse’s salary into it thinking that since the ex is remarried, they should have to pay more because their combine household income is more. The courts do not look at combined household incomes when calculating support amounts because that would take the finacial responsibility off one of the parents.

No they are not public record, I am not sure how your wife’s ex-husband would have gotten a copy.

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My wife is going through a bitter custody battle with her ex-husband. They are “attempting” to mediate without much luck and also seeing a psychologist together in the hopes of working out custody/support. In one of the psychologist sessions, my wife says that her ex brought in a copy of MY 2006 W-2 to show that I was making such-and-such amount.
Is my W-2 public record? Can ANYONE get a copy of a W-2 without consent?