Is separation clock still running?

Husband of 32 years packed his clothes and moved out of marital home in Sept. 05. Separation agreement was completed, marital property distributed and everything notorized and deeded using and attorney. In January 06, after no contact from husband, he is involved in serious car accident, breaks back and neck and requires extensive surgery, hospitalization and rehab care. He was covered on my health insurance and I am a registered nurse. After a month of hospitalization and rehab hospital, he asks to return to our marital home because he required total physical care. I took him to my home and cared for him. He was able to resume light working late April and immediately made gestures of his desire toreturn to his apartment. He never moved significant clothes from the apartment and kept his mailing address with medical providers at his separate apartment. He is still under medical care of his neurosurgeon. In June, he moved back to his apartment full time. No marital relations were resumed during any of this period and when I was asked, I would laugh and say “he is on probation”. I don’t like my personal business shared all over our community. If I had not taken him back into my home, he would have had no one to care for him and would have ended up in a nursing home. I did this out of respect for our 32 year marriage and b/c of our children. Does this period of 3 months that he stayed in my home for medical care restart our separation clock?