Is there hope?

I was hoping to get some advice regarding my serious situation; here are the details in short:

The mother and I have been severely estranged since the pregnancy; she and I had dates were never in a relationship.

Child has reached the legal age.

Payed child support for 10 years, had visitation however, mother closed the case and subsequently refused/stopped communicating.

During the past decade, I’ve made countless respectful attempts to communicate so that she and I could resolve our differences in a mature and adult-like manner however, she remains uncooperative and irrational. We live in different states about 2 days drive from each other. The standard stuff that goes along with a situation like this exists i.e. criminal conversation, mother vilifying the father, etc. it’s become quite nasty.

I guess I’m looking for a mediator of some sort, someone that could assist. Meeting my son should be a joyous occasion; unfortunately, the mother only wants everyone to be miserable.

Would appreciate some good advice here.

I would suggest you contact a therapist who specializes in re-unification for some ideas to help you make this a positive reunion. Best of luck.

Thank you for your reply erin, but I’ve already tried that route and without success.

I’d like to find an attorney that could draft a letter explaining my desires and feelings and if necessary, demands; I believe I have a RIGHT to see my child regardless of how uncooperative she wants to be. My own family’s opinion was, if the mother wants to be so completely uncooperative and wants nothing to do with anyone except her child and you know the child is well, then keep some distance between yourself and her until she comes to her senses. She’s kind of like the mother in the movie “Carrie”.