Is this indignities?


The most common indignities involve much worse behavior. Usually it is physical abuse, adultery or habitual drunkenness. I believe that a judge would say that your wife


Thank you for your response. I have put my foot down, but, like I said, she simply does not care if I want them here or not (her daughter is over 18). Since I can’t physically keep her from letting them in the home, I guess my only real option (assuming I cannot convince her to leave) is to leave if she does. Keeping up payments on that house AND an apartment while things go forward is going to be difficult.


My wife wants to bring her daughter and granddaughter to live with us becasue she (the daughter) is not responsibly caring for the child. While I feel bad for the child, the daughter is involved with drugs, has stolen money and cars from us repeatedly. Wife knows I do not want to raise her granddaughter and we seperated (not legally) for nearly 2 years becasue I would not live with daughter. She, frankly, does not care.

I do not want to lose my house becasue

  1. I have worked hard to buy it and what equity we have in it was the result of my labor
  2. She could not afford to keep it anyway without substancial alimony, which I do not feel I should have to pay

Boiled down, I guess my question is if your spouse brings someone into your shared home against your will, does it qualify as an indignity?