Is this reasonable?

I have been separated for almost the full year. Within that time my husband and i had an agreement that he would pay x amount of dollars to go toward our credit card debt. He has not kept his word. We also have a Jeep together that I drive and I pay for alone, but not willingly. The Jeep is rougly $24000 that i still owe. Our credit card debt is roughly $10000. Sense he is unwilling to help me with the Jeep payments and from what i understand he is still responsible according to the divison of property laws. Is it reasonalble to ask for him to take over all of the creidt card debt ($10000) and I keep and pay for the ($24000) Jeep? And call it even? I know he wont agree to this, but is this reasonable? Would this stand up in court?

I cannot advise as to what is reasonable without a full analysis of your case, and this forum is not intended for such specific advice. I can however say, that whatever terms you and your spouse agree to can be reduced to writing in the form of a Separation Agreement which will be enforceable so long as you both sign the same before a Notary Public.