Is This True?


I don’t know if its true or not, but if it were true, why would he be threatening you with it. I believe that if it were true he wouldn’t care if you signed the separation agreement, and he would just leave the country. Call his bluff and see what happens.


DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING. Save for a lawyer.
Keep detailed records of everything financial you can get your hands on store this info someplace he can not access.



Last week my spouse informed me that he has taken a job outside of the U.S. He wouldn’t tell me when he is leaving, for how long or who he will be working for. Anyway he is really pressuring me to sign a Separation/Property Settlement agreement which has me waiving alimony, property rights, etc., etc., etc. He also told me that if I didn’t sign this agreement I would end up with NOTHING!!! He said that by N.C. law he does not have to support me once he is living and working in another country, even though we are still legally married. He said I might as well face my fate and sign the papers because he has made sure that I CANNOT get my hands on enough money to obtain an attorney. So, if this is true, what’s left of the rest of my life looks and seems very hopeless. lostlady