Is this under domestic violence?


Another question…I have high b/p and Stroke and heart attack runs in my side of the family…And I was currently on b/p meds and the husband knew of it and at times went with me to doctors in town to get the refills…We currently have medical insurance but I would have to pay a doctor and that is put toward the deductable…Well seeing the husband is refusing to give me any money and I can not afford to go and get the meds and he knows that I need them but refuses to give me the money is that abuse or domestic?
And times we lived together he had put his foot thru a wall a fist thru the door and had our 15 yr old daughter at the time up against the closet door yelling at her like he was yelling at a troop how long does it have to be to still claim that as domestic violence? And during the marriage thru his Marine Corp time he was taken on emergency physcriatric two times but never followed thru with them in counseling that he was instructed to do.
And can I represent myself into getting the ball rolling in a court room with a judge to make it offical to get what monies are owed to the kids and I seeing I do not have money to hire a lawyer???

All’s I want for Christmas is the seperation papers to be done and signed and knowing the money that is owed to the kids and I is on it’s way.