Its too late?

Sorry for your troubles looks like a drama like I am going though but not the same as you. She did committed adultry and it hurt me very much but thats ok I am over this my out come is what I love about this. Your taxes look into this if he filed joint and with your name on it then who signed your name? Oh thats not good thats called fruad. I would look into that. call the IRS for this.
I hate to say this to you but he is wrong at first you both should have split up at that time but you are wrong too for what you did sorry. Mine did the same thing and I am suing him for what I can get out of him not just for me but my 2 children yes they have been though this as well and should get something out of this.
I have been with mine for 17 as well know her for all most 20 in the 3 less years she has gone from good to trash and in that year we split to boot she has lost the buz that we had built up and this was in nov in 04 I have lost so much money becuse of all this. I still must wait for the court to rule on the sep agg yes I am not happy but oh well. Life will go on and the out come will jsut great and there will be a new life with the new wife that when we meet it will be only time.
Good luck to you

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My stbx filed for separation in May of 05. He was suing me for custody of our two teenage sons and I was “awarded” custody of our 6 yr old disabled son as stbx claimed he still needed his mother and that he was too much of a responsibility for him…right now ( it would cramp his “dating/single” style honestly) I was pressured into signing the separation papers.While I am by far NOT an ignorant person I felt that I had no choice. I was a stay at home mother for the first 15 yrs of our 17 yr marriage. I lost all my work skills and since leaving the family home I have struggled tremendously financaily as well as mentally/emotionally. My stbx makes well over $100K a year and is paying me $240 a month CS. For the record ( dont beat on me here PLEASE) I committed adultry and confessed this to him. I didnt get the same chance(S) he recieved from me with his countless affairs over the years; one of which resulted in the birth of a child ( not ours) that he pays support for as well. I am not saying what I did was right as I know it was not. But…my guilt and the fact that I could not afford to attain legal help at the time I was presented with separation papers I signed without any real regard to the contents. I just knew I was guilty and that the stbx was not willing to work on our marriage and further didnt want to give more than he had to legally to help our disabled son. In the course of the last 8 months I have not been able to find work at all in part due to my sons disability and needing to be home for him as well as lack of skills lost over the years. The stbx isnt helping at all other than support and I do get some help from family at times.
A few weeks ago the stbx called and told me that he was about to file taxes. He told me that the accountant told him that if he filed separate he would only recieve $1100 back from federal ( he never mentioned state) but said that if he filed joint using me and our little boy he would recieve $1800. He filed joint…and I NEVER signed the returns…I believe he forged my name. He recently brought me $200 from that return stating his accountant made a mistake and the refund was MUCH less. I have asked to see a copy of the return and he says its NOT my business. I think it is…am I wrong? If he used myself and the little one who lives with me and then signed my name then am I not also entiled to not only half of the refund but also a copy of said return?
I also went to consult with an attorney several weeks ago ( one of a handful of family lawyers here in my area that offer a free consult) and forgot to mention this tax bit. I went to find out about getting more support only to find out I cant since I signed the legal sep. papers. I was told that when the divorce papers come I dont have to sign them until I can get the stbx to agree to pay more support??? Is this true?
Sorry…I wagged on here for a bit longer than anticipated :frowning:
Thank you for any help on these matters!