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When the bill talks about actions instituted after October 2007, it means actions that began after that date, so the pending action would not qualify. However, the court may take the new law into account when making their ruling. Best of luck.

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ncga.state.nc.us/gascripts/B … llID=H1634

This is a bill that goes into effect 1 October 2007 in North Carolina… Essentially, it says that military deployments that cause a service member to leave the child they have custody of with the non-primary-custodial parent can NOT have their custody taken away because of the change in residence or claiming de facto or the status quo. WOOOOOOWWWEEEEE!!! This is the basis for my husband’s custody case with his ex. He (Primary Custodian) was given orders out of the country for a year and had to leave his daughter with the non-PC wife. Since his return, she filed for custody claiming change in circumstances since the daughter had been with her for over a year. This upends her entire case!!! I am SO THRILLED.

Janet, my question for you: The bill states it goes into effect 1 October 2007 and “applies to custody or visitation actions instituted on or after that date.” My husband does not return from Iraq until at least the 2nd week of October. His wife brought the action in late February, but because it won’t actually have a trial and action until his return in October, do we fall into the category of “actions instituted on or after the date…”??? Or will he be excluded because the case began before that 1 October date? Second, what about the legislation being grandfathered to pending actions?