Kenton Vs Kenton - Retroactive

For those of whom that have a DVPO ordered issued against them that was in “consent” and have no “findings of fact” you can petition the court for a motion to set aside pursuant to NC COA ruling in Kenton Vs. Kenton stating that all consent DVPOs are void ab initio and this applies retroactively. This was exercised in Wake County on 05/30/2012 on a motion to set aside case in front of Judge Bousman.

Please note, as is the fact in the above mentioned case, that the person who originally took the DVPO against you CAN, pursuant to NC Gen Stat Pro 60(b)(4)(6), request a trail on the merits to establish findings of fact on the original DVPO.

So, aside from my advice to help others in need, why does this feel like Double Jeopardy?