Kids left in car


I found out tonight from my mother that my wife had left our kids in the car while she went in shoping at the grocery store. I have no idea how long they were in the car for, this happened Friday of last week. My mother had run into her and asked where the kids were, she told her they were in the car. My mother didn’t think at the time to check on them because she figured someone was in the car with them. I asked my son about it and he said it was just him, his bothers and sister. None of them are over the age of 8. What can I do about this? I know it’s illegal. How can I prove it at this point, almost a week later. I’m worried my wifes current state of mind since her affair, is having an effect on her ability to think about our children first. It scares me to think that she might do this again and one of my sons getting out of the car to go look for her. I see an attorney on Thursday, longest week of my life.


If you believe your ex is incapable to care for the children you should seek custody. If there is an order already in place you will need to seek a modification.

While leaving the children in the car is certainly unacceptable behavior, in my opinion, that alone will not be sufficient for her to lose custody, but coupled with other similar events, will be useful to show that the children’s best interests may not be served if they live with her.


What would be some of these things? Like her telling me the reason they are in the same clothes from 3 nights ago is because she washed them. Which means she has been spending no time at home and more over at this new persons house. At this point the new person she is with is seeing my kids more then me. I have asked her not to take my children over there untill they are married but she instests that no judge would sign off on that. What are some other things I can make record of.


Anything affecting the children that concerns you, I suggest you begin making a list and add to it over the next few days so you will be prepared when you meet with your attorney.


Is it illegal to read and login my wifes e-mail and other type of social accounts? I was given the names and passwords to these accounts and the passwords have never been changed. I still have access to all the financial, and personal things we setup together.


Interception of emails is illegal, I suggest you refrain from accessing those accounts, however you have every right to monitor joint financial accounts.


So you said inercepting of emails was not something I should be doing. Even while we are still marrried? Does that stand for access to any social sites like, “Facebook or MySpace?” I have access to?


Yes, and yes.


I apologize for the interference, but can you tell me what it’s called when someone accesses your accounts on a website? I had this happen to me and I’d like to know more about it. My ex tried to log into a website I frequently use, using my username and trying to guess my password. He was timed out after 5 failed login attempts. I was notified by the webmaster. I have an online friend in the administration there that told me this same IP address was used when he tried to register there. He was denied, but I know that he looked at my profile. He was also caught signing into my daughter’s facebook account. Thanks.


I believe the general term is hacking.