Kinda of touchy subject menopause and divorce

Im just curious if anyone else has had a wife or x go through menopause and wants a divorce. Im not sure how this affects a woman so please dont take offense. Ive just noticed since wife has had her ovaries removed she is like a different person. For instance she had a DREAM I had an affair so now she thinks its true. (I have never been with another woman since Ive been with her) Is this just a weird coincident that she wants a divorce at the same time she is dealing with menopause, or could menopause cloud judgment? (this is a marriage of over 20 years that Im fighting for and I love her dearly) it just seems like someone hit a switch and changed my wife into a totally different person. Thanks to all who can enlighten me. :cry:

People who are especially sensitive to moods can have their thinking patterns affected by menopause. (Similarly, hormonal forms of birth control and erratic sleep can also affect the same people.)

How strongly these can affect thinking patterns, it’s hard to say.

Based upon some of your other posts, though, I’d have to agree that she might be up to no good. If you aren’t allowed to socialize with her “gay” friend and she is unreachable when she is with him, that’s a BIG RED FLAG. FWIW, just me here, but I think she backpeddaled when you and your son confronted her about the affair accusation. I think that she didn’t want to look like the bad guy and tried to extricate herself from the situation. If it were me and I had the money, I’d hire a PI to follow her the next time she goes to see the friend. It could be nothing, but the compartmentalizing of her life is worrisome.

Menopause is tough to deal with, but it should not completely change a person! Menopause is no excuse for wanting a divorce! Sounds like your wife is not the person you thought she was anyway. Gay friend? Give me a break! Your wife is not in menopause. She is in men-o-extra. Don’t buy her BS. It’s a crock!