Lady does not Quit

Dear Isabel,
I would suggest telling your boyfriend he needs to get her in hand. You shouldn’t have to put up with it. I know you don’t want to let go of the boyfriend, because then she wins. But it is his problem that she is making your problem. He has to find a way to deal with it if he wants to keep you.

I am still having trouble. First I now lost my job because of her, she would keep up making stories at work always giving out my name and description, about complaints, but she would never give out her name, just a complaint person. She found out where I now live again, she threw an egg on my door? “Don’t know why”. I filed another report with the sheriff department. The investigator got back at me and told me that he had no case. I told him so many reports that I’ve filed and no case WOW. He said he talked to her but she denied the accusations, like always. My boyfriend dosn’t even talk to her. This lady has got some major issues. I sometimes feel like i am never going to live a happy life without this lady bothering me. I can’t sleep anymore just having to deal with her coming into my house one night and you know. All that I am going to continue doing are reports and if she comes into my property, and tries to hurt me or my child I am going to hold her until the proper authorities pick her up, because she does have warrants pending, and my record is clean, I have never ever done anything wrong. This lady is just making my life miserable. I like to talk about my problems so I can feel better. Thanks for the support Isa

isabel martinez