Laid Off Today


O.K. so I’m laid off today. My trust fund is running low with my attorney. My custody trial is in October. I don’t know how I’m going to replinsh my trust fund. At what point to I notify my attorney of my situation and when should I notify my ex because I will not be able to afford after school program until employment is found.
I’m 99% sure I will get attorneys fees as part of the final judgement, is it possible my attorney will carry me until trial OR will she drop me like a hot potatoe.

If she drops me what do I do? Do I represent myself? How can I get depositions and discovery on my own?

I’m really destitute and confused please help.

Also does anyone know how expensive custody evaluations are?


There is no harm in notifying your attorney of your change in status, and you should let her know immediately. You will need to discuss your other questions from your attorney to develop a plan continuing with the case plan she has already mapped out.