Lawyer didn't tell me what was said

I am sorry for what happened to you, but the DUI is a big deal as far as custody is concerned. Unfortunately, I had a similar (no DUI and NOTHING on me) situation where a conference was concerned. They go in the conference and do not tell you everything that transpired. I think they give up and then turn around and lie to you about what happened. They get lied to and then turn around and lie to you to “get it over with”. At least you have the sense to get another attorney. I hope your new attorney can help you and will be willing to fight for you. Good luck.

Dear frosty:

Greetings. You may be able to file a Motion to Set Aside a judgment, but you only have a limited amount of time after the order is entered to do so. Otherwise, you must wait until there is a substantial change of circumstances before you can change the order.

Make sure to follow the order to the letter in the meantime. That means attending ALL visitations - even if it feels odd to be supervised while visiting with your children. Good luck.

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Recently in i was in an temporary custody order “battle” . My lawyer said it would go to court to get all this ifo for him. Then He wouldn’t stop to explain anything to me. He went in the other room with my ex lawyer came out and told me that was the best I was going to get. I asked him to do a hearing , he said the witnesses would lie anyway. He had another more important case. I came back three hours later to sign the papers. Everyone else was already gone. I went into shock. I was getting 7 hours supervised visitation a week. I thought this was based on getting a DUI recently. It didn’t make sense. Now I found out yesterday that my ex had said my children were afraid of me. That I would drink a beer and they would run and hids. I would have never walked out of that court house if I had Known that. I would never have signed anything based on the fact that my children were afraid of me. I was a stay at home mom til he tthrow me on the front porch and locked me out and laughed. I know people get mean in divorces but to lie about me and use the children is siclening. How can I get this back in court? I cannot let it stand now that I know the facts. Yes. I will be getting a new attorney.