Left north carolina

johnny winn,

You need a lawyer. I assume that the summons was issued from a NC court, so here’s a link which will list some NC attorneys who may be able to help:


Given that you have less than nine hours until our courts open up, you don’t have a lot of options. One option would be to call an attorney in the county where the action is calendared and try to obtain representation in the morning. If that won’t work, you might try calling the clerk in the county of the action tomorrow morning in hopes of getting a message relayed to the judge that you are out of state and only received the summons yesterday. Here’s a link from our website listing the superior court clerks by county:


Good luck to you.

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my husband had been very controling upto five years ago then he got
violent but in the last few months has turned his violence toward me. he held me our room at knife point for over four,threw a picture at my head,triied to force me to take a bottle of mussle relaxers, told me he was going to cut me up into pieces while he was sharpening a knife,he triied to strangle me (in front of our two girls,8 & 6)then he said he was going to take us all out.i could not take anymore so i went to a counselor who sent me to a womens shelter both places advised me to get away from him. so i moved out to califonia my husband has since found me and has filed an ex parte order and a custody order i was suposed to have been in court in the morning but i did not recieve the summons until yesterday. my husband keeps calling me telling me i will be in default if i dont appear in court. he also says i made a big mistake takeing my girls. CAN SOME ON PLEASE HELP ME. I have triied to get a restraing order and a protection order from cali. but they say i have to be resident that takes six months.should i go back to nc? i dont want to loose my girls espeacially to a place i feel is not safe.[:(][:(]