Legal guardianship/custody

For purposes of financial aid for college, the school needs proof that my grandparents had legal guardianship. They had primary custody, but for some reason the school needs evidence that they had “legal guardianship” and proof of custody is not satisfactory proof of that to them. It is my understanding that if someone other than the biological parents is granted custody by the court that they have “legal guardianship” as well. Can you please tell me if this is in fact truth so that I may receive financial aid to continue to pursue my education? Thank you so much for your response.

Legal guardianship is not the same thing as custody. Legal guardianship is more than having custody. Custody can be changed by showing the court a significant change in circumstances. Guardianship can only be changed by showing that the relationship between the now guardians and child is not in the child’s best interests, which is a higher threshold.

I don’t know how this relates to financial aid, but I imagine it is because financial aid is based on the income of your parents. Since your parents parental rights are still intact, they may want to consider their income rather than your grandparents.