Legal Help


You should contact the legal aid office in your county immediately to initiate child support and child custody proceedings. As for property distribution and spousal support, you should meet with attorney to discuss the specifics of your case. North Carolina law allows you to seek reimbursement from your spouse for the attorney


I just recently relocated from Ft. Riley, KS where my husband was stationed. He recently returned from a tour in Iraq in which shortly after I discovered through his family of his adultery. He then started with threats in which his chain of command issued him a no contact order. Since then I have left the home there with our 16 month old son and my 2 daughters from previous relationships. I’m seeking legal help in anyway possible for I am financially strapped. He was the main source of income. Does anyone know of any family law attorneys that would be willing to take my case pro bono or would be willing to refer me to someone who could assist me in this situation?