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It’s difficult to say whether or not $6k is a good deal for you. It will be difficult for her to ‘clean your clock’, as she’s entitled to 1/2 all the debts and assets you acquired only during the marriage. If you earn more, she may be entitled to some alimony, but most likely for a very short period of time.

Regardless of the deal, you want to make sure you use the right language in any agreement so that she cannot change her mind later, file a lawsuit, and try to back out on any deal you think might have been made.

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I have been married 1 1/2 years. She has two kids from previous marriage. I own everything…house…ect. I pay for everything and more. We are seperating and she wants $6000 to take with her and says thats all she wants…what is she entitled to receive in North Carolina? I have about $30,000 in equity in house and $150,000 in retirement savings. Is this at risk? I had all this before we were married and have supported her and her kids very well…her ex husband pays nothing to her for kids or anything.they were married 14 yrs.
She is leaving me and I prefer to give her as little as possible due to the circumstances that have occured.

i guess my question is can she clean my clock and is $6000 a fair amount. It may last her a month the way she goes through money…and will have nothing to show for it. Or should I let it go through attorneys. She has talked to some already and I think she would get more if the option was out there…
Thanks for the help and sorry for the long post…
I am just looking for some knowledge on this subject.
Your help will be appreciated.