Legal responsibility of Hospitals to report

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When the custodial parent admits a minor child to a hospital is there a GS that makes it clear that 1. either her admission form must be properly filled out and/or 2. that the hospital has a legal obligation to report this record to a non-custodial parent. My Court Order clearly states that I am “entitled to medical records” but if I am unaware from where these records can be obtained, my access is essentially non-existent. This is part of an motion currently filed but where is the legal obligation start and end for the institution.

Is a school legally responsible to the non-custodial parent for information concerning their children. If I discover that a child in High School is suspended for drinking on the premises, and the custodial parent is called in and punishment rendered, is there not a statue that says my rights, which are in good standing with the courts (child support, ‘fit and proper parent’, etc.) are such that it is the legal responsibility of the institution to inform me of anything that the other parent is informed about.

I am writing a letter to the schools of my children and to the County Attorney for the School District and I am going to pay a visit to them all, with this letter and a copy of my Court Order, physically place this folder and letter in their hands and respectfully submit this to them “requiring” them to contact me in the future of any actions concerning the academic progress of my children, which include disciplinary actions. They could toss it in the trash after I leave unless I am accompanied with a General Statue that either states or implies their responsibility to me.

Plan on doing the same with the County hospital.

I am unaware of any general statute that gives a hospital or a school an affirmative duty to provide you with information without a specific request. Generally, both parents information should be listed on all forms with a school or medical provider so that if one parent cannot be reached, the other parent is then contacted. In court orders or agreements, I give each party an affirmative duty to provide the other parent with pertinent information as soon as able to avoid this type of situation.