Letter to ex

Today went I went to the PO and I got a letter for the ex (same ex that is wanting custody of our 22 month old.) from the insurance company which I figure is the new babys insurance card. I called him and offered to meet to give it to him in case they needed it. (he never showed…)I have been getting the stuff from insurance since all that comes has been on our kids up till now…

Here is the letter… any suggestions…


I did not appreciate you not showing up to get your mail from your insurance after telling me you would meet me and the boys. I went out of my way to bring it to you because I figured it was a insurance card for Katilynn and you might need it. I called you at 12:04 and you were going to meet me and then you didn’t.

I called you back to inform you that we would only wait till 12:18 and you still never showed. We actually didn’t leave till 12:27. It was so hot on the boys we went to Hardee’s to get a milkshake. We did ride through once more to see if you were there by any chance and you weren’t.

Since you will more than likely change the insurance information to go back to your address since you have Katilynn now, please send me a copy of all the “information” you get on OUR kids so I can have a copy for my records since I am the one that takes them to the doctors and makes sure things are up to date.

This will be sent to you with confirmation so I have proof of it being sent and I would appreciate anything you send to me being sent in the same manner. This way it will cover either of us (the sender) if something is suppose to be sent and does not make it.