Listing Tenant's Rent as an Asset

I’m in the process of completing the EDA. How do I list an asset like rent that I received from a tenant during the marriage? Assets like my house and car are easy. I just list the Fair Market Values.
The rent was received monthly and all of it was spent on marital/family necessities like bills and groceries. It’s not like I kept it all in an account and it’s sitting there in a lump sum.

How should this item be listed?
I’m grateful for any assistance.

not a lawyer

Rent is not an asset, it could be considered a source of income and part of a support award. If you had a rental checking account whatever cash is in there would be an asset.

Rent is considered income, the only place this would appear on the EDIA is if it is reflected in the balance of any bank account included in the EDIA.

Thanks so much. That is very helpful.