The action will remain in Forsyth County.

Hi, my seperated still husband just sent me a copy of an email that he had sent to your firm asking if I retained a lawyer who practices in Davison County, but like he told you we both live in Forsth County now and when we seperated, could his lawyer agree to litigate in Davison County. I was told that if the lawyer from Forsyth County agreed to it that it was fine. One of my concerns is my soon to be ex husband’s lawyer was also a former judge in Forsyth County and then decided to open up his own firm also in Forsyth County. We had 2 mediations where my lawyer did not ever explain to me it was all about $ and property at the time of mediation. I know I don’t need to go into all this but I am so confused and scared about what has happened so far is so unfair and if I’m using (and spelling) the correct word, misconsqured (sorry that’s got to be spelled wrong and I don’t see a spell check! I know you don’t need or care about any details but the second mediation, the day before my father had a mild heart attack and my mother had gotten a severe case of shingles. The morning of that mediation, my mother came to pick up my youngest son to take him to the bus stop and she told me all this mess with what was going on was literally killing my dad. My 2 boys and myself mean everything to them and it was killing them to see what all was going on and the boys witnessing. (I know this is just from my mouth but he turned into a “denial” alcoholic and became very abusive. I was a Kindergarten teacher until 4 years ago when I found out that I was sick. I am on permanent disability from the state being a former teacher and all 4 years he had an ATM card I knew nothing about and drained our bank accounts because he was taking care of all the finances. He also sold what stock we had and opened up his on accounts at a different bank leaving me with a little over a $1000.00 when he moved out and I had to use that $ to buy groceries for 2 growing boys, neccesities like toilet paper ect… and of course no child support or alimony because nothing had been done yet. I could write a book which I think Ialready have but I’m trying to explain that the last mediation (and the first) I was so confused because nothing about all the abuse, drinking and driving with the boys in the car, and again I could go on and on. They sent in their new proposal, I guess that’s what you would call it, and still I kept saying I’m so confused with the way ya’ll are saying what $ goes into his column and mine and what about all the other horrible things that have happened, doesn’t that matter. Basically my attorney at the time said what they were offering was a great deal and all that kept going through my mind was that I was killing my dad so I signed the papers. But after about 2 weeks with my head clearing up, I noticed several wrong amounts and items not listed on his side. I remembered reading that if one party fails to disclose information you can go back to be heard. Trying to make this long story even shorter beleive it or not, I kept trying to get in touch with my lawyer by voice mails and emails and finally after over a month of trying I told her secretary that I was tired of leaving message after message and never hearing back from her and I needed to meet with her concerning the mediation papers and I had evidence that he did not disclose everything and that items on there were misconsgured. I met with her very briefly and pretty much left there in tears because it was like I wasn’t even being listened to and her comment was , don’t quote me word for word but that I should just be happy witrh what I got and “it is what it is”. I think my still husband informed you that we have since parted ways after a couple of more unbeleivable incidents and it seemed as if anything my still husband’s laywer said, my lawyer agred to and never followed through with my questions, concerns, evidence, ect… Knowing this lawyer was a former judge and I know it’s just hearsay and just a reputation he is known for they say “playing dirty” and I truely beleive it because I’m witnessing it. I currently don’t have a lawyer. I have a friend who is in law school and is working for the District Atourney in Davison County and he recommened this one lawyer who doesn’t know my husband’s lawyer but he thinks it would seem better to litigate in Davison County if my husband’s lawyer didn’t have a problem with it. So after this npvel my question is why you are saying it remains in Forsyth County when I’m hearing that if the one lawyer agrees to litigate in the other lawyer’s county it is fine. I just need answers, I’m mentally, physically and emotionally drained and I just want everything to work out fair and by the law. I hope I’ve made sence because I’m trying to rush to make it to my oldest son’s football game which is an hour away so I thank you for hopefully responding to my many mispelled words to my novel.
Barbara McLean

If no party lives in Davidson county there is no basis to move the action there and any motion to change venue will be denied.