Living quarters

My husband was ordered to pay the mortage while I am in the house with children. It has almost been 1yr separation. He is a business owner. Pays himself, so income on taxes is much less than true income. Have forensic accountant looking into this. My issue…I am in the house, judge ordered he pay -probably due to infidelity and other issues. I have NO money whatsoever. He has taken it all. I have about 100,000 I gave to him to put into company. He has company and my money. I cannot afford to move out, nor can I afford to pay rent. We have pretty much no resolve toward anything at this time. Can I be made to move out and/or pay house payment to stay. I work PT and have an inconsistent income. I could not come up with enough money to pay house pmt. I am worried they will make me pay when I cannot. Especially when he has all my money , all his money and all our money in his company (which was purchased during marriage)