Managing of Rental Property during Seperation

My ex and I have been separated a little over a year now. While married we purchased, manage and live in rental property. Now that we are separated the ex lives in one apartment (rent free), while I live in another (rent free). We have always split the duties of being landlord. I always took care of the office stuff and the ex took care of maintenance. Today I got an email from the ex stating he had hired a manager and the manager will be moving in to the ex’s apartment and doing the maintenance on the property. I was not consulted about this decision at all and don’t even know the person. I don’t want this to happen. My question is can I do anything to prevent the ex from hiring this guy and letting him move in or do I just have to accept it?

Well he has actually moved the people in already. Now I guess I need to know what I have to do to get them out and get them to not be manager.

Without an order in place, this is a real estate question. If you want to gain control of the property, you need to file an action for equitable distribution and file a motion in that action for interim distribution or control of the rental property.