March 3 case

Since my exs lawyer did not sign the " order granting Plaintiff ( me) rule 59 motion I sent him a self address envolope and asked him to please send me a signed copy- when I never got one I went to the court house to see if he ( my exs lawyer) ever followed through and filed this paper with the court as the Judge had asked him to. The Judge asked him to write this up, have me sign and file on April 5th and as to date there is no court record of opposing party filing this even though he sent it to me to sign and i returned right away.

Now what- of course it is to their advantage for this not to go back to court as my ex had child support terminated.
Can a lawyer decide just not to follow the Judges instructions? again I feel he is doing this just because he knows I rep myself.
The last paragraph on the order says" IT IS THEREFORE HEREBY Ordered and decreed that the Plaintiffs’s Motion for a new Trail is granted and that a new hearing on the defenants Motion to Modify his child support obligations shall be conducted during this Courts term in or after July 2010"

The only thing I can think of is they didn’t file the final paper with the court because we are asking for it in July? I am afraid to wait before saying anything about this because if they intend to never file this paperwork as the Judge ordered then by the time I file my motion to modify in July I will have lost from last Oct to this July worth of CS due to a July file date.

what can I / should I do?

File a motion for contempt based on their lack of filing the order by the prescribed date.