Marital residence repairs needed for sale


My soon to be ex has been court ordered to sell our classic auto in order to get the funds needed for him to make necessary repairs that he is capable of to the home so that it can be on the market for Oct.1
I had a home inspector come in and do an inpsection report prior to my departure. Just a few of the items listed (so you can get an idea) were a hole in the roof, mold issues, plumbing & electrical not up to code, and structual damage. My attorney was given a copy of this, my exs attny has not that i am aware of.
We have now sold two of the vehicles and have a small amount of money (7k) to make repairs. He was supposed to make bimonthly reports on his progress and has not. It is now mid sept. and none of this work has been done.
He emailed me thursday to inform me that he is having carpet replaced and a professional cleaner set to come in and clean the tile. This is purely cosmetic work that does not NEED to be done while all the other things I listed above must be done or we will lose serious money in the sale of the home.
I was able to email this to my attorney and her reply was “we cant micromanage how he spends the money”…Ok well that is all well and good, i understand we have to work within the law but how do I prevent him from squandering the little we have by doing silly things like this that will waste money and prevent the sale or limit the profit??? And if I cant prevent it what are my options ?


If the necessary repairs were outlined in the Order and are not being attended to you may file a motion for contempt and seek that the court find your soon to be ex in wilful violation of a court order. If the repairs are not specifically set forth in the Order you may consider having your attorney file a motion for judicial assistance to have the court dictate what repairs are necessary and set an order in which those necessary repairs be made.