Martial Misconduct Short Marriage

Hello. I got married in November of 2021. Discovered in January 2022 my new husband had been using live sex web cams watching women and exposing himself. This started even before we got married and I had no idea. He spent over $1000. While we were married obtained $30,000. He spent $8,000 in credit card debt and paid off the sex sites. He did 2 couples therapy sessions and was not committed. In April 2022 one day while I was at work he turned off his location on phone and emptied our joint banking account with about 19,000 left. Came home took his dog and left. The next day he came and got most of his belongings. While he was at his parents we tried a couple more therapy sessions, but he started exchanging photos on snap chat. End of May 2022 ends marriage in text and says I will hear from his lawyer about separation papers. Never hear anything. Finally do. He says him lawyer wants me to start it. He had martial misconduct, left the home, and ended marriage in text. This has all been very traumatic. I have tons of screenshots that are quite disturbing between him and women. Do I get alimony even though marriage was about 6 months? We had small ceremony November 2021 but had large one planned October 2022. All those contracts can’t get a lot of that money back. Since ending marriage less than 2 weeks ago he’s removed all pictures of us and blocked my family. Removed a tattoo of my name and said ex wife. This has all been hurtful and childish. I would have never married him. What are my rights? He makes 3 times as much as me and I have missed a lot of work because of all the turmoil.

One more thing. Married very short time but together about 6 years. Unsure if that matters.

You are entitled to alimony if he is the supporting spouse and you are the dependent spouse and you can establish that you are in need of maintenance and support to meet the accustomed standard of living during the marriage. The problem will be proving the accustomed standard of living during such a short marriage. It is typically not possible to prove this with a short marriage.

You would be entitled to one-half reimbursement for any debts (for example the formal ceremony contract monies due) that were acquired during the marriage and for a marital purpose. This would be pursued through equitable distribution.

Unfortunately, only the time between the date of marriage and date of separation is considered for alimony and equitable distribution purposes.

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