Mediation Concern/Question

Husband going to mediation for E.D.; he is on the deed and not on the mortgage. Are there any “case statues” where a spouse would not be entitled to an ‘equal’ distribution of funds/property; unless of mutual compromising’? If decisions are not made in mediation and the judge has to decide, husband would like to be prepared. Obviously, not a lot of confidence in husband’s attorney but it’s too costly to shift midstream.
Husband lost the PSS hearing (Evans vs. Evans) and is not going to attempt alimony, given the loss of PSS; which is why he is looking for this answer, not to shocked again.
We are unable to find anything on the internet in case law on this topic. Thanks.

His attorney is most familiar with the specific facts of his case, and, as such, this questions are best directed to his attorney.

Thanks for your quick response. . .but do “YOU or the ROSEN firm” know any any case statue in an ‘unequal’ distribution? This question has already been posed to husbands counsel - as stated before; we don’t have a lot of confidence and trying to get info ourselves - just don’t know where to look - hence, the question here.

This forum has been great to get a lot of answers whether represented by counsel or not.

Thank you

His attorney is most familiar with his case, and is in the best position to advise him on this matter, but he may ask for an unequal distribution if there is basis.