you can do the paperwork yourself. there is no reason you have to hire a lawyer. you can find someone that can type up the paper’s for you and they can help with the issues. most lawyers will charge you an hourly rate, but if you all are in agreement then it be cheaper to find someone to do the paperwork and a 3rd outside party might be able to help with anything that ya’ll are having trouble agreeing on.



I live in the Charlotte area. After 32 years of marriage, we have decided to divorce. It is not an angry divorce and there are no minor children. We have worked through most issues amicably. We just need someone to do paperwork and help us work through a few financial issues. Every attorney we have contacted says that we both need to retain a lawyer.

Is this true? Can we not work with an attorney on a hourly basis or are there not attorneys who specialize in resolving conflict without the large fees involved in resolving multitudinal issues?